Virtual Seminar: "Who Needs School?"

Wednesday, September 16, 2020
1:30 PM - 2:20 PM
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Dr. Adam Johnston

Presented by Dr. Adam Johnston, Professor,
WSU Department of Physics. 

Join us via Zoom: 
(Meeting ID: 957 6704 3472)

The heart of my work looks at how we learn and why it can be so difficult sometimes, especially in science.  But we often don’t think enough about what our definition of “learning” is in the first place.  A good part of my sabbatical was spent working on this idea, which became further complicated and interesting when pandemic hit and learners were displaced from schools and into new environments, including my home.  To really think about how effective schooling can be—during a societal shutdown or otherwise—I want to make a case that our purposes for schooling and the meanings of learning have to be considered more deeply.  In this seminar, I’ll present some possibilities for what I mean, both dystopian and more hopeful.  And, I’ll give an overview of what a sabbatical is in the first place, along with the pros and cons of it coinciding with a pandemic.
Here is the video of the virtual seminar on YouTube:

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