Virtual Seminar: "What is a Picture Worth?"

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
1:30 PM - 2:20 PM
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John Armstrong

Presented by Erin Niven, Alberta Health Services.  
Is it any wonder that you are the most imaged generation of all time?  Technology’s role has been vital in image production:  it has made imaging devices smaller, faster, cheaper, better, and easier to use across all industries.  Those advancements have resulted in an astronomical increase in the number of images taken of you and by you.  But you are already hard-wired to crave images; your brain responds to and processes visual data far better than any other kind of data.  So of the innumerable images produced daily, which ones are the most important?  What is your contribution to this data set?  Could you see yourself being a Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physicist?
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Erin Niven's Biography:  Erin Niven has a PhD in Medical Physics from McMaster University.  She has worked as a Health Physicist in radiation safety, counterterrorism/emergency response, radiation engineering, and environmental remediation.  She is currently employed as a Nuclear Medicine Medical Physicist for Alberta Health Services in Diagnostic Imaging.  She develops and instructs Medical Physics courses, provides radiation physics and dosimetry guidance for clinical nuclear medicine procedures and research projects, and oversees the development and standardization of the provincial quality control program. 

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